J. D’Ambrozio Pest Management Services has been offering reasonably priced, dependable pest management services for over 40 years. Nationally certified in food management, we are also licensed, certified and registered in pest management in New Jersey. To protect you and your property we now offer Organic Pesticides.

Ron Marrone
President and United States Navy Veteran, Ron Marrone has over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry and possesses a degree in environmental science and credit hour education in the human resources field from William Paterson University. Ron is also certified in Termite, Wood Destroying Insects, Ornamental, Turf, Aquatic, General and Household Pest Control, Mosquito Control, Food Processing, Manufacturing, General Public Health making him a leader and trusted associate in the pest management industry. Ron is also a WDI Credentialed licensed inspector and A certified Food Safety Manager.

Nick Goldenberg - Field Supervisor
A dedicated employee with the company, Nick has over thirty years' experience in the pest control industry and more than half of that working for the company. With his extensive knowledge in the field, Nick can solve even the most complex and unique pest management issues which arise on the job. With an extensive resume of knowledge and in-depth work experience, Nick serves as a teacher in the field to his colleagues and the customers he serves. His friendly attitude and passion for the industry make him a staple on the J. D' Ambrosio team and a welcomed addition to your home.

Evan Hall - Lead Technician
A seasoned employee in the pest control industry, Evan possesses over a decade of experience in the field. In addition to his extensive knowledge in the trade, Evan also brings with him a wealth of hands-on experience in environmental services and remediation to the position.

Anthony Marrone - Operations and Training Supervisor
Anthony has over fifteen years' experience with the company as an experienced manager with a demonstrated history in the environmental and public health fields. Possessing hands-on experience in the regulatory field, Anthony has performed compliance inspections, public outreach, training, and emergency response for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Department of Health on the municipal and county levels of government. He also holds several licenses spanning from public health and aquatic pest control to turf and right of way. Anthony also holds several undergraduate degrees from Montclair State University which include environmental studies and environmental justice and is working towards completing his master's degree in environmental sustainability.

Dominick Marrone - Operations Technician
Dominick possesses over a half-decade in the pest control industry and already is an integral part of the J. D' Ambrozio team. He is a proud United States Army Veteran and holds a degree from Montclair State University in Earth and Environmental Science. Dominick brings with him prior and current experience in the environmental services and management fields and enjoys solving complex problems head-on.



Our technicians undergo continual training and provide our clients with outstanding pest management service.

Pest control deals with live infestation of various insects and rodents that cause damage, illness, loss of business and reputation.

The old image of the “Rat Catcher” has been replaced by research into the behavior of pests, strict codes of practice and minimal use of pesticides in accordance with state legislation.

If you have a pest problem or even think you have a pest problem please give us a call.

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