Organic Services

Moving Botanical Technology Patented Botanical Products Are a Better Choice:

EcoSMART’s Technology is based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self protection against insects and pathogens for centuries – essential oils.

After over a decade of research, EcoSMATS developed revolutionary combinations efficacious insecticidal plants essential oils that offer botanical based alternatives to conventional pesticides. The active ingredients in EcoSMARTS’s products are unique, synergistic blends of essential oils, many of which are classified as GRAS (Genrally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and approved as direct food additives.

EcoEXEMPT® Minimum-Risk Products: These versatile products qualify as exempt from Federal registration. All EcoEXEMPT® products are USDA NOP (National Organic Program) compliant. The performance and application costs are comparable to conventional pesticides, and have a pleasant botanical fragrance.

EcoPCO® Products Provide the same benefits as conventional pesticides in terms of efficacy (knockdown/kill and residual protection), ease-of-use, application costs, indoor and outdoor use, and fragrance (unscented)…but with the benefits of a botanical active.